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Al was a frequently seen barfly through much of the series run. He was usually seen sitting at the back end, usually dressed in a suit or plaid blazer, and almost always with his trademark hat. In at least one episode he's seen with dark rimmed glasses ("Second Time Around"). He spoke with a gravelly old voice. Occasionally he was sitting in a table or booth.

Al clearly thought himself the bar stud. In "The Groom Wore Clearasil", Woody takes a phone call for "The Outlaw of Love", and Al assumes it's for him. In "And God Created Woodman", Cliff is selling mail order shoes, and Al orders the "Playboy" model.

Though Al typically only had one or two lines in a show, usually the lines were memorable. He occasionally played a key part of an episode. In "Cheers: The Motion Picture", for instance, it was Al that saved Woody from having to return to Indiana.

Al stopped appearing after the 8th season because the actor who played him, Al Rosen, died from cancer. No mention of what happened to Al was made on Cheers, but in a Season 9 episode of Frasier ("Cheerful Goodbyes ") it was mentioned that he died. The tenth episode of season 9, ("Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure ") is dedicated to Rosen with "to our friend Al Rosen" shown during the credits.

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