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Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh
Season 8, Episode 21
Air date March 15, 1990
Written by Ken Levine and David Isaacs
Directed by James Burrows
Episode Guide
50–50 Carla
Convinced that Gary has stolen Tecumseh, the gang pranks Gary's only to discover Rebecca sent the statue out for cleaning.

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(This is one of the two Bar Wars eps that doesn't feature Gary, either the Polis or Desiderio version)

Plot Edit

Convinced that Gary has stolen Tecumseh, the gang pranks Gary's Olde Towne Tavern.

On high alert for Gary's anticipated revenge, they end up attacking the fire marshal when he arrives for an inspection.

Finally decide to prank themselves as a show of good faith to head off any further escalation. Norm, Woody & Cliff shave the letters G A R & Y, respectively, atop their now bald heads

Trivia & NotesEdit

"Tecumseh" is the name of the cigar-store, Indian statue near the front door. Featured prominently in every episode, it was never given a name until this episode.

In this episode, Fraiser claims that both his parents are dead, this is later revealed to be fallacious, in the Frasier episode The Show Where Sam Shows Up; Frasier confesses to Sam that he was angred and a bit inebriated.

I mentioned before that the Bar Wars eps epitomize elements of the Cheers A.D. years. I wouldn't say the A.D. years are "catchphrase comedy" years per se, at least in the negative sense of the term, but there was a discernible shift in humor away from character-based comedy and into situational comedy, sight gags, and lines easily recalled at water coolers and lunchrooms and buses the next morning. The fire marshal's "What are you doing?" was one of those lines. I think Cheers was a cut above most shows that relied on this approach, but it's worth mentioning.[1]

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