Carla Tortelli


First Appearance
"Give Me a Ring Sometime"
Last Appearance
"One for the Road" (Cheers) "Cheerful Goodbyes" (Overall)
Episode Count
270 + 1 episode of Frasier
1-11 (1982-1993)
Family Members
Benito Lozupone (Father), Mama Lozupone (Mother), Joe (Uncle), Angeline (Sister), Annette (Sister) Nick Tortelli (Ex-husband), Eddie LeBec (Ex-Husband), Anthony (Son), Gino (Son), Anne Marie (Daughter), Sarafina (Daughter), Lucinda (Daughter), Ludlow (Son), Jesse (Son) & Elvis (Son).
Portrayed by
Rhea Perlman

Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec, known as Carla Tortelli, is a waitress at Cheers. Along with being a waitress, she is also a mother of eight kids. Carla is known for being sarcastic and kind of cruel to the other characters on the show, often poking fun at them for their problems as she is a very bitter and miserable woman. She makes it a point to take cheap shots at everyone around her whenever they open their mouth. She is especially cruel to Cliff Clavin. She is one of few characters who has children.

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