Depression is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mood disorder , transient or permanent, characterized by feelings of depression, unhappiness, and guilt, as well as cause total or partial inability to enjoy the things and events of everyday life. Depressive disorders may be, to a greater or lesser degree, accompanied by anxiety . This psychiatric disorder, in some cases, may be one of the phases of bipolar disorder .

The medical term refers to a syndrome or set of symptoms that primarily affect the affective sphere: the sadness pathological, decay, irritability or mood disorder that can decrease performance at work or limit the normal life activity, regardless that their cause is known or unknown. While this is the core of symptoms, depression can also be expressed through type conditions cognitive, volitional or somatic. In most cases, the clinical diagnosis, but must differ from boxes similar expression, such as anxiety disorders. The person suffering from depression cannot experiencing sadness, but loss of interest and inability to enjoy normal recreational activities, and a motivating and experience little slower over time. Its origin is multifactorial, although it is noted triggers such as stress and feelings (derived from a disappointment in love , contemplation or experience of an accident , murder or tragedy , disorder bad news , grief , and having gone through an experience close to death ).

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