Eddie Gordon

Eddie Gordon

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Eddie Gordon was a drinking buddy of Sam's. He shows up unexpectedly at Cheers in the episode "Bar Bet". They haven't seen each other in awhile - presumably due to Sam having quit drinking.

Sam doesn't remember Eddie at first, but recalls Eddie when Eddie mentions a bar bet where Sam promised to have married Jacqueline Bisset by a certain date, or he would give the bar to Eddie. Sam laughs off the bet at first, thinking Eddie is kidding with him. But when Eddie produces a piece of paper where Sam wrote out the promise, and indicates he expects to collect the bar, Sam displays his disgust. Eddie says he's obtained a lawyer and is prepared to go to court if necessary, then leaves.

When Eddie returns to Cheers the next evening - the deadline in the bet - he finds Sam has found a Jacqueline Bisset and plans to marry her in the bar. When Eddie sees this, he offers to negotiate a settlement. Sam declines at first, but when Eddie negotiates down to an olive with a pimento in it, Sam accepts. Eddie takes the olive and leaves in a huff, telling Sam to "think about this the next time you shoot your mouth off in some bar".