Frasier Crane


First Appearance
Last Appearance
One for the Road (Cheers)
"Goodnight, Seattle (Part 2)" (Frasier)
Episode Count
123 (Cheers)
388 (overall)
3-11 (Cheers, 1984-1993)
Family Members
Hester Crane (mother, deceased)
Martin Crane (father)
Niles Crane (brother)
Frederick Crane (son)
Daphne Moon (sister-in-law)
David (nephew)
Veronica "Ronee" Lawrence-Crane (step-mother)
Nanette Guzman (ex-wife)
Lilith Sternin (ex-wife)
Nikos (cousin)
Walt (uncle)
Nora (aunt)
Portrayed by
Kelsey Grammer (regularly) Kendall Schmidt (as a youth)

Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane, M.D., Ph.D., A.P.A p is one of the primary customers who attends Cheers starting in season three, portrayed by Kelsey Grammer. For a living, Frasier is a psychiatrist and a father to Frederick Crane. Frasier originally started attending Cheers as Sam's psychiatrist and Diane's boyfriend. He would eventually become engaged to Diane Chambers at the end of season three, but she would leave him at the altar. He then would go onto marry Lilith Sternin, a fellow psychiatrist, although they divorced shortly after the end of Cheers. After the finale of Cheers, he moved to Seattle and became a radio psychiatrist. For additional info on Frasier's post-Cheers adventures, please see Frasier's article on the Frasier Wiki.

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