Hester Crane


First Appearance
Episode Count
3 (1984)
Family Members
Martin Crane (Husband - Frasier), Frasier Crane (Son), Niles Crane (Son - Frasier), Frederick Crane (Grandson), Lilith Sternin (ex-daughter in-law), Maris Crane (ex-daughter in-law), Daphne Moon (Daughter in-law) , David Crane (grandson)
Portrayed by

Hester Crane is Frasier Crane's mother, a research scientist. She dies sometime between November 22, 1984 and November 09, 1989. No cause of death is ever given, although it is hinted in Frasier to be breast cancer.

She was not particularly fond of Diane Chambers, threatening to kill her with a loaded gun if she did not stop seeing Frasier. Later in the spin-off series Frasier (TV series), Hester appears in her son's subconscious and makes snide remarks towards the apparitions of Diane, Lilith Sternin, and Nanette Guzman, neither of which she was fond of. From this it can be assumed that she had met Lilith at least once before passing on as she called her the "Icicle" in reference to her cold personality.

In 1993, long after Hester had died Martin Crane reveals to Frasier that his mother had an affair with Dan Lawlor, a longtime friend of the family, but Martin pleaded with Frasier to not hate her for it. In the same series, Martin reminds his sons that while their mother had expensive and elegant tastes, she had enough class to not be a snob about it.

Played by Nancy Marchand in Cheers and Rita Wilson in Frasier.


(To Diane) "Listen, and listen carefully. Stop seeing my son, or, as God is my witness, i'll kill you."