Home Is the Sailor
Season 6, Episode 1
Air date 24 Sept. 1987
Written by Glen Charles & Les Charles
Directed by James Burrows
Episode Guide
I Do and Adieu
"I" on Sports


We return to Cheers six months later. Sam has sold the bar to a large corporation so he could buy a boat and sail around the world. Diane's book deal didn't pan out, but she's found work out in California writing for TV shows. Carla and Woody are still employed at Cheers, which now has a uniform for its employees. Frasier is the last of the regulars still clinging to Cheers as his usual hang out, with Norm and Cliff having moved on. But when Sam returns, he wants to bring Cheers back to its former glory. To do this, he has to go through Rebecca Howe, the corporate businesswoman who's in charge of running Cheers.

Notes Edit


Recurring / Guest stars:

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