Leo Metz

Leo Metz

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Leo came all the way from Seattle to try to talk to a previous owner of Cheers, Gus. Finding Coach behind the bar, he quickly grew short with him and demanded to see Gus. Coach didn't even know who Gus was; he had to ask Norm.

Leo was beside himself with emotion. His son Ron had just come home from college with his new fiance, who was black (Coach asked "and your son isn't?") and named Rick. Leo believed only Gus could help him. Coach tried to find Gus, but it turned out Gus was dead. Coach pushed Leo into laying his problems out and giving him a try.

Coach was able to help Leo talk his problem out, and made him realize he had to accept his son for who he was. Coach managed to do this even though he really didn't add much of anything to the conversation except his ear. Gus nonetheless was appreciative, telling Coach, "you're not Gus, but you're not bad."

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