Norm Peterson


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1-11 (1982-1993)
House painter
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Hillary Norman "Norm" Peterson is one of the main patrons at Cheers, known for sitting in the same stool at the bar every day. Norm is the most loyal customer Cheers has had since anyone can remember. His bar tab extends back to when he was referred to as "that skinny guy at the end of the bar", and by the end of the series its total is literally astronomical. Norm was originally an accountant, but then later became a housepainter.

Norm likely went to Cheers long before Sam Malone bought the bar, due to the fact Coach didn't know who Gus (previous owner of Cheers) was and Norm did.

In season one, Norm loses his job after throwing a company party a Cheers where he asks Diane to to be his boss‘s date for the night. His boss tries to force himself on Diane, so Norm punches him to protect her.

In season two, Norm is still looking for work. At some point unemployment checks stop and he takes a job upstairs at Melville’s as a dishwasher. Diane convinced Sam to hire Norm.

Normisms: Every time he enters the bar, everyone greets him by name, “Norm!” In each episode, a patron asks how life is treating him, and Norm’s answer is usually a self-deprecating one-liner:

  • E1: What do you know? “Not enough.”
  • E2: Beer, Norm? “Hey, I’ve heard of that stuff. Better give me a tall one in case I like it.”
  • E3: How are you doin’, Norm? “Ah, cut the small talk and gimme a beer.”
  • E4: How’s life treatin’ you, Norm? “Like I just ran over its dog.”
  • E5: Norm! “Gentlemen, start your tabs.”
  • E6: How’s life treating you, Norm? “Like it caught me in bed with its wife.”
  • E7: How’s life, Norm? “Not for the squeamish, Coach.”
  • E8: How’s it going, Norm? “Daddy’s rich and Mama’s good-looking.”
  • E9: What’s up, Norm? “My nipples. It’s freezing out there.”
  • E10: What’s the story, Norm? “Thirsty guy walks into a bar. You finish it.”
  • E11: What are you up to, Norm? “My ears.” Do you want a beer, Norm? “Does a rag doll have cloth knobs?”
  • E12: What’s new, Norm? “Most of my wife.”
  • E13: You want a beer, Norm? “Nah, I’d probably just drink it.”
  • E14: Whatcha doin, Norm? “Well, science is seeking a cure for thirst. I happen to be the guinea pig.”
  • E17: Beer, Norm? “That’s that sudsy amber stuff, right? Yeah, I hear good things about it.”
  • E20: What’ll it be, Norm? “Fame, fortune, fast women.” How about a beer? “Even better.”
  • E22: How are you, Norm? “On top of the world. It’s a dismal spot in Greenland somewhere.”