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Rebecca Howe is the manager of Cheers from seasons six through eleven and Diane's replacement. When Sam sells the bar at the end of the fifth season to sail around the world, the corporation that Rebecca works at buys the bar. Rebecca is appointed manager of the bar and is the one to give Sam his job back as manager at the start of the sixth season. Originally Rebecca comes off as calm, cool and collected, but it is later revealed that she's as neurotic as the rest of the characters in the show. She is also shown to be very selfish at times, for example, prioritizing her career over Woody's life in Bar Wars VII: Naked Prey. In the final episode, One for the Road, Rebecca marries plumber Don Sentry.

Her final lines are:

Rebecca: Ironic, isn't it? I shoot for Donald Trump and I end up with Ed Norton.

Frasier: But you did good.

Rebecca: I did, didn't I? *giggles and leaves Cheers* 

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