Door-to-door salesman
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Roy was a visitor to Cheers in the first season, the fiance of Lisa Pantusso, daughter of Coach. He sold business suits door-to-door, and was the top salesman at his firm. He worked underneath Lisa, his district manager, and he seemed to think that marrying her would get him into more lucrative sales territory. It was likely the only reason he wanted to marry her. He had a very pushy personality, and did not seem aware of how negatively he came off on people around him. He was also very greedy and selfish (Coach referred to him as a "pig" after eating dinner with him and Lisa), and a bit lecherous (his favorite sport was 'female full-contact karate').

Coach disliked him so much that he told Lisa she could not marry him, which led to an argument. Lisa eventually realized that Roy did not really love her, and that she could do better, and she told him she was not going to marry him. Even on his way out the door after being dumped, though, he still was so emotionally seperated from what was going on that he left a business card for Norm (which Norm promptly burned). Roy is never seen again in the series.

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