Show Down, Part 1
Season 1, Episode 21
Show Down 1
Air date 24 March 1983
Written by Glen Charles, Les Charles
Directed by James Burrows
Episode Guide
Someone Single, Someone Blue
Show Down, Part 2


Sam's overachieving brother Derek comes to Cheers, causing Sam to question his own feelings of inadequacy. When Derek asks Diane out, it forces Sam to look deeper at his own feelings for Diane. 


Recurring / Guest stars:

  • Deborah Shelton as Debbie

Plot Edit

Sam's brother, Derek (an unseen character, voiced by George Ball), who exceeds Sam in: success, education, talent, and looks, arrives in Boston via his private jet. Derek entertains bar patrons with his talents. He teaches Coach to speak Spanish for a coaching job in Venezuela and offers Norm a job. Derek and Diane begin dating, making Sam jealous.

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