Victor Shapone

Victor Shapone

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Victor was a visitor to Cheers that took a dislike to Cliff's constant stream of know-it-all jabber. When Vic asked Cliff to shut up, Cliff didn't take Vic that seriously and zinged an insult back on him, which only fed the flame. Victor made it clear he didn't like Cliff.

Carla goaded Cliff into standing up to Vic, which didn't work. Vic asked Cliff to "step outside" with the intention of fighting him. Cliff gave Vic the slip instead.

When Vic returned the next day, he said nothing at first. But Cliff continued to mock him, causing Vic to again challenge Cliff to a fight. Cliff had brought along a co-worker, Lewis, but Lewis ended up taking Vic's side and left rather than defend Cliff. Called out on his false bravado, Cliff at first tried to use the "black belt in karate" excuse, which did not work. Vic told Cliff that he would either have to fight, leave, or admit he was a coward... and Cliff, publicly embarrassed, chose to leave.

Sam, unhappy with Vic, threw him out. Vic never returned. Cliff did come back, though, and found a way to save face.

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